The War on Rural Colorado rears its head with gun control

News 21, a group of college journalism students, did the most exhaustive and balanced report on Colorado’s “polarizing” and unenforceable gun control laws. I appreciate the time they took to interview me and many others for their investigative piece. It is well worth the read. Below is an excerpt from Colorado: Polarized by the politics of a rural-urban divide:

John Cooke holds the reins of his brown horse in his left hand. His right bursts through the clear, Rocky Mountain sky, waving at the crowd gathered in Parish Park.

It’s only the start of parade season, and Cooke still has plenty of appearances to make as he runs for a state Senate seat, where his competition will be a Democrat in a heavily Republican district.

Cooke, armed with a Smith and Wesson .45-caliber pistol, keeps a smile on his face and his eye on the prize. If elected, Cooke will try to repeal the guns laws passed in 2013, although he said that won’t necessarily be his first move because so many Democrats occupy the General Assembly.

Cooke leads a group of 55 Colorado sheriffs who backed a lawsuit to overturn the laws restricting magazine size and requiring universal background checks.