I stand with Boulder gun owners

Today, Saturday, April 21, hundreds of people peacefully gathered in Boulder to “Rally for Our Rights” — in this case our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves.

The city of Boulder is progressing with a new ordinance that would turn law abiding gun owners who legally acquired firearms into criminals unless they comply.  According to an article from Complete Colorado:

A controversial city ordinance to ban “assault weapons, bump stocks and high capacity magazines” passed the Boulder City Council unanimously on first reading Thursday night after more than five hours of public testimony on both sides of the issue.

As written, the ban would require anyone legally possessing anything under the ban to either register that gun with the Boulder Police Department (fee charged) or surrender it for destruction.

Think about that. Law abiding gun owners would either have to surrender or register their legally acquired firearm. That’s alarming. I stand with law abiding gun owners in Boulder. This ban must be stopped.