John on the Issues

State Budget: Just like Colorado families must do, the state should employ a priority-based budget process. Rather than just funding state agencies at the previous year’s level plus, every department should be required to prioritize its budget, with taxpayer money allocated to the most important priorities and effective programs.

Second Amendment: I support the right of Coloradans to defend their homes, their families, their place of business, and themselves.

Agriculture/Water: For agriculture to continue thriving in Colorado, we must protect our water. I support additional water storage including the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) and the Windy Gap Project to ensure we have the water we need to support population growth, development, agriculture, and recreation.

Energy and Environment: Colorado is blessed with plentiful natural resources and beautiful landscapes. Consumers and the environment both benefit with a market approach toward energy resources free from mandates and government selected winners and losers.

K-12 Education: I firmly believe in choice in education. Parents are in the best position to decide what type of education will work for each individual child. Among our children, two went to traditional public schools, one to a magnet arts program through a traditional public school, and two went to a charter school.

Funding should follow the child.

School districts should be free to pay great teachers what they are worth and it should be easier to keep good teachers because every child deserves access to effective teachers.

Higher Education: Like K-12, I support choice for students who want to advance their post secondary education. For some students it may be a vocational school, for others community college, and some may choose a four-year institution. I support Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund and the ability for that funding to follow the student to a Colorado post secondary school of his or her choice.

Private Property Rights: Coloradans have a right to enjoy and develop their property and natural resources. The proper role of government is to protect, not inhibit, that right.

Transportation: We need to devolve the federal gasoline tax so that more remains in Colorado. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has a bill to phase it out and allow that money to remain in the states.

Public Employees Pension Association: I have family members who are also members of PERA. It is vital that PERA be financially sound so every single member can count on his or her retirement to be there when they need it. First we need transparency so we have an accurate picture of PERA’s  financial situation. Second, we need to create more choice for younger employees.