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We need Colorado lawmakers like John Cooke. His conservative fiscal policies and practices as Sheriff have been a contributing factor in allowing Weld County government to remain financially strong and debt free, while still providing all the needed services to the citizens.

– Donald D. Warden, Finance Director for Weld County

I am supporting John Cooke in his race for Colorado State Senate, District 13. Any man or woman can be a good politician by surrounding himself/herself with competent people. Great leaders go further than this. They have vision and challenge their best staff — they stand up for what is true, and do so impartially — even when no one is looking. I have worked for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years and have witnessed firsthand these characteristics in Sheriff John Cooke — in his work ethic and actions. Impartiality is not something you regularly see in a “political office.” I am a Democrat and have been all my life — John promoted me to Deputy Chief based on my merits and qualification, not because I was a Republican and shared all his opinions.

John works for the citizens, and reminds us all as public servants not to forget this — above all — we work for the citizens of this great county/state/country. In the past few years some difficult adversit has challenged our rights as Americans. John Cooke has met these chanllenges with relentless energy and integrity. His strengths also include kindness and understanding. As a citizen of this great district, I share what I know about this man — he is the best person to represent AL of uss, and our interests — please vote for John Cooke.

– Sally Baladez Gomez, Deputy Chief of Weld County

I have been in law enforcement for 44 years. In all of that time I have not worked with a Sheriff who displays the degree of ethics and professionalism that I have seen in Sheriff John Cooke.

– Jerry Garner
Greeley, Colorado

  • Donald D. Warden
  • Sally Baladez Gomez
  • Jerry Garner